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Walk the Talk: Being a Global Citizen

Does your company have clear and compelling core values that remind your people of how meaningful their jobs can be to themselves and others? If core values and strategy are clear it is time to walk the talk.

Core values are the guidelines that internal and external customers may expect from your organisation. The standards of behaviour you want demonstrated by ALL your people - present and future.
"Real" core values are the specific, well balanced and meaningful competences that make your company unique - a clear statement of  “how we do things around here” – and a clear indication of what the culture is like at your organisation.

Results of our Walk the Talk workshops are that values come to life and are not just statements on a piece of paper.
During our sessions, core values are directly related to real life business situations and circumstances that accelerate understanding of the defined core values.
Needless to say, we use our well-known game based approach and interactive presentations to ensure full engagement.

Furthermore, participants experience the direct benefits of developing and successfully applying the core values in daily practice, which in turn fosters intrinsic motivation.

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Together we will walk the talk. Step by step. We invite you to take the first step; you can contact us 24/7. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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 “Hospitality is our core business, and it is our core value. The walk the talk workshops enlivened the focus and know how of everyone within our organisation to serve at the highest level possible. Our people are more motivated and engaged because they have a clear purpose - one that gives real meaning to their work. Guests notice that. Thanks.”

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