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Every Second Counts

There are people who believe that the world moves forward on the back of inspiration and ideas. For them, a day is more than 24 hours and 86.400 seconds. A day is an opportunity to make things happen – to make a positive difference and to rise beyond greatness.

Every Second Counts is an exclusive one-day or 4-hour, mind blowing and fun filled experience that invites you to learn the tools to not only manage time, but to learn strategies to help lead individuals, teams and organisations beyond the winning edge. 

The premier training event Every Second Counts is listed as the best time management and leadership training event currently available in Europe. We focus on goal setting, making of choices and optimisation.

The training is known for its high learning spin-off and lasting change realised in the shortest amount of time. That is because we are up for total immersion with music, drums, games and high energy. Those of you who enjoy a rock concert, will definitely love this training event as well.

Patrick and his team invite you to partake in interactive presentations and a multitude of fun filled and energetic games based on real life and business situations. We play some of our most renowned games:
The Navy Ceremony, Build the Airplane™ and The T-shirt factory™. 

You will become fully immersed in the experience of practicing leadership skills in action and mastering the tools that are the key aspects and assets to lead yourself and others to results beyond your wildest expectations.

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 “We all have goals in life and in business we want to achieve and we can reach these goals if we are willing to constantly give our all. Every Second Counts gave me the tools and strategies to break through the boundaries of being ‘standard’ to becoming the best that I can be in business and in my personal life. It worked for me, and it worked for our organisation. ”

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