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No success in management can compensate for failure in leadership.

Raised in a close family of dentists and doctors, Karianne followed them somewhat in their footsteps when she choose to study Health Care Governance after her study Speech Therapy.

Karianne worked for ten years in the health-care industry, first as a line manager and then took on Human Resource positions at two large private hospitals. Furthermore, she was a Communications Manager with a UK based private health insurance company. Her business experience to date has given Karianne a balanced appreciation of hard-headed business realities and a basic belief in productivity through people.

Karianne has been a member of the team since 2008, and has worked with clients across a broad range of industries.

Her basic thesis: most organisations barely touch the true potential of their people. This theme characterises her approach in all that she does, both at home and at work.

Having been brought up on a diet of competitive sports from chess to hockey, Karianne still keeps alive her many interests outside of work. Foremost, she is a proud mother of three beautiful children.

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