Highford House



The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the unattainable, and achieve it, generation after generation.

Erik brings a wealth of knowledge to Highford House after spending years at an academic level completing his doctorate in sport psychology. Erik has been an athlete, teacher and a trainer and focuses on helping student-athletes. He has experienced firsthand how beliefs, goals, attitudes, and behaviours influence performance of teens from every walk of life.

Erik designed and implemented programs based on a scientific holistic approach that supports middle and high school student-athletes in the pursuit of excellence. Knowing what you can change and making daily choices that contribute to accomplishing goals, improving health, and enhancing overall enjoyment in play as well as in school and life.

With the knowledge needed to build champion athletes, Erik has dedicated his training practice to helping junior athletes excel in his or her sport.

Moreover, Erik specialises in preparing middle and high school student-athletes for their exams. Over the past 3 years, Erik has assisted literally hundreds of students in raising their scores in order to gain admission into competitive universities. He guides students through the strategies and life skills necessary to be both successful on and of the field through his uniquely developed curriculum, which combines tactics from an amalgamation of different resources and years of hands-on experience.

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