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Do not measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should accomplish with your ability.

Claudia’s career as a classroom teacher and trainer has prepared her to help youngsters find solutions that result in long-term change. Claudia is passionate about teaching the principles of greatness particularly to young professional athletes and middle and high school students.

Claudia joined Highford House in 2007, where she has contributed to the organisation in areas of content development and training young professional athletes and students. Claudia’s experience working with groups of diverse backgrounds has given her a unique and clear vision of what it takes to create impactful programs. Her dynamic and entertaining style makes her presentations fun, challenging and thought provoking.

Prior to her work with Highford House, Claudia taught middle and high school math. While teaching full-time, Claudia designed a student planner for teens and facilitated workshops to help parents improve communication with their kids.

Claudia has a Masters degree in Human Resources and specialised in Youth Services. Her hobbies include biking, swimming and rock climbing. Claudia does her utmost to go for the absolute summit, both on and off the mountain.

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