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Leadership is about finding out what you already know. We distinguish ourselves by using these fundamentals.

With an international upbringing Catalien decided to root in the Netherlands where she studied Psychology and majored in American Studies.

After having worked as a project manager where she gained experience with leadership, management, improving business processes and implementing them, she decided to hit the books again and received her Masters degree in Business Studies.

As a senior manager she has always been able to create an environment in which the qualities of her employees could evolve and made use of. She works well with others, who are driven by her creativity and enthusiasm.

Her excellent communication skills and organisational experience in telecommunication, within governmental departments and in the banking field have enabled her to make significant contributions to project based activities.

Her true passion has always been people (kids, teenagers and grownups) and working with them hands-on to be all that they can be, making optimum use of their talents and know how. Not only as a manager or trainer, but also as a wife and mother.

At Highford House she uses her talents and true passion to help bring out the best in people. As our trainer she helps develop seminars and training material. Due to her practical mindset and thanks to her easy going character she makes participants feel comfortable right away.

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