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Blessed is the leader who seeks the best for the ones he serves.

Bart is specialised in leadership and talent development. For the past twenty years, Bart has educated, coached, and counselled leaders on all levels internationally. His primary focus is helping organisations to increase their leadership strengths, and therefore, the capability to create and sustain change.

Bart’s background and experience in operations management at international IT companies have given him a broad perspective and a practical approach that clients love.

He prides himself on becoming a trusted advisor for his clients, and most of his clients are long-term partners.

Bart has worked with Highford House from the beginning. As a trainer and keynote speaker he develops and delivers experiences that help organisations attain excellence using the tools and strategies we have used and developed during our work with people from every walk of life.

His clients cross over many classes of organisations from profit to non-profit. Bart combines experience, academic learning, and research with the dirt under the fingernails practicality that comes from a career that included first line supervision to executive positions. Bart is also known for his humour and wit.

Bart studied Mechanical Engineering and loves to teach Martial Arts Aikido and Muay Thai.

Along with his passion for improving people’s everyday performance, he also loves hockey and to hit the drums, although he is not nearly as skilled in those areas. Bart makes his home with his wife, Claudia, and his lovely children Gijs and Noa.

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