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Speakers & Trainers

Speakers and Trainers

Our speakers, trainers and consultants are a unique melting pot of passionate, committed and highly experienced experts in the field of leadership, coaching, consulting and organisational turnaround.

All of our team members have held senior management and executive positions within a diverse range of multinationals within various industries. However, all of us have different backgrounds.

For example, three of our trainers played sports on a professional level, two of our Think Tanks worked as Strategy Directors for various Fortune 500 corporations, two of our speakers address audiences over 70.000 people each year, and besides, we have some musicians and songwriters within our team.

Together we train and coach people from every walk of life: from Olympic Gold medallists to executive managers, and from management trainees, to international models, doctors and students.

Our team is looking forward to connect with you personally.

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 “Any great achievement requires leadership –and what Patrick shared has been priceless, whether managing our teams, negotiating contracts or governing a board meeting.”

John de Haseth
President, Production RWE Europe