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Marketing & Sales needs a new definition. For us, it is about Understanding & Listening™.
We enable you to build relationships, not simple transactions.

Customer loyalty programs are a waste of your time if you are up for ‘real’ Marketing & Sales. 
Instead, we give you the tools to Understand & Listen™, so your customers, your relations do not just buy your products or services, but embrace them passionately. They buy you. Your organisation. Your vision. The whole package.

That is why your friends stick with you. They love you, because of who you are. They understand you, because you deliver beyond expectations.
You give people what they need, not what they want. You go that extra mile.

Understanding & Listening™ is about identifying the true needs of your customer and making sure that the needs are crystal clear reflected in every single cell of your organisation. Your organisation is about serving other people. Period.
Not merely through your product or service, but by means of everything and everyone: from product to distribution channels, and from board of directors to helpdesk.
From top to toe.

That is your identity. That is what people love and what they buy into.

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 “These guys are the McKinsey of Marketing & Sales. Radically different but priceless view on our customer service and marketing programs. I strongly believe Patrick and his team are accountable for our >40% increase in revenue and raising customer loyalty in the past 14 months. ”