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Fancy job tile. Operations Manager.
Fancy project. Operational Excellence.
Rule breaking idea:
People do not buy into excellence, they are moved by greatness.

Excellence is about processes. Greatness is about people.
Greatness, not operational excellence mobilises colleagues and customers. 

Greatness goes beyond excellence. But excellence seems to be better. However, the power of excellence is misleading.
Excellence is boring, there is no opening to optimise. Your organisation will stop learning and therefore will stagnate in its growth.

Greatness is about passion and about the understanding that things can be better. It is about the willingness to do everything you can to take it to the next level.
Organisations build relations by facing issues and solving them.

We take it to the next level. We do not start with your processes.
We start with your people.

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 “Within 25 minutes they had pinpointed our major operational challenge. The following week they had a plan of attack. Within 4 weeks our key performance drivers of our customer service organisation improved drastically. ”