Platinum Membership

Platinum Membership

Limited to 25 key players worldwide, the Platinum Members enjoy an incomparable opportunity to be coached by Patrick on a personal basis and to get together with the coaching team of Highford House, while visiting some of the most magnificent destinations on earth where you will be challenged beyond your current limits. 

You and the other 24 Platinum Members will receive private invitations up to three incredible experiences per year. These adventures are designed to get yourself beyond your wildest expectations. The Platinum Membership is a combination of mind blowing challenges and personal coaching.

Members, by definition, have attained the acme of success. They have demonstrated an exceptional passion for life, a resolute commitment to personal and professional achievement, and an unstoppable determination to rise beyond greatness.

The experiences of the Platinum Membership are designed to get you to the next level and beyond. We assure results due to our unique approach: the combination of personal coaching under exiting and thrilling experiences.
From the glistening mountains of BC, Canada where we get packed for extreme heli-skiing to private sessions at the top floor of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, from abseiling down the tallest building in The Netherlands, to 110 mph boat races in the Mediterranean sea of Marbella.

You and your Platinum Members will build a companionship born of unparalleled luxury, great learning experiences and exquisite adventure—whether we are surfing waves in Hawaii or race through the dessert on 125 cc motor cycles to Dakar.

Platinum Membership is limited to 25 individuals worldwide, and is by application only. Once annual membership is complete, you will be unable to gain admittance unless a current member departs. Memberships can be renewed annually, by invitation only.

Obviously, the Platinum Membership is not for everyone, nor is it meant to be. If, however, you know the Platinum Membership is for you, we invite you to request a formal application by calling our Platinum Membership Concierge.

Our team is looking forward to welcoming you.



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 “The Platinum Membership goes beyond my wildest expectations. I am always thrilled to hear what the next trip will bring. You taught me what mental strength is really about and that there is absolutely nothing I cannot overcome. The mixture of setting up tremendous spine-chilling challenges and personal coaching is unique and took my life to the next level. Simply WOW! ”

Mrs. Lorentz
International Model